Equipment is mostly NEW - some is used in Excellent Condition

About 30% of the nucs that I have purchased in the past 3 years has arrived dead because of lack of ventilation so I started researching ventilation in the standard hive and found it to be insufficient. Then we designed a hive with adjustable ventilation by building a special base for it to sit on that serves as a beetle catcher and a ventilation system. Then added adjustable ventilation to the hopper to be able to control it.

THEN the second thing I spent a lot of time researching was the entry into the hive.  The standard way for the bees to enter their hive to land on a bottom board and enter the hive through a slit under the brood box.  This entry is also inviting to lizards, snakes, mice, moths, spiders and other unwanted visitors.  So our hives have PVC pipe entrances  which work extremely well and the bees like the round hole as it is more natural and easier to defend.  Instead of just drilling a 1 ” hole and let the bees walk on the wall of the brood box we use a PVC pipe to control the entrance and discourage some of it’s invaders. 

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