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If life on this planet is to continue the population of all it’s parts has to wake up and gain respect for the pollinators of our food products. All Bees are pollinators but it is the Honey bee that is the primary pollinator of all the food that goes on your table.  Yes I said ALL because even the animal product on your plate gained its life as a result of bee pollination .   Albert Einstein stated many years ago, “Take good care of the BEES because if you loose the bees than mankind has 4 to 5 years left on this planet.” It is the responsibility of every inhabitant of the earth to understand this statement but sadly less that 1% are even aware of this fact and probably less that 50% of those even care and they take it for granted that someone else will fix the problem.  Well That is not a fact and at this time Mother Earth is extremely angry because ALL her children are being exploited and capitalized on by the ego of those in power with the greed of that all mighty dollar.   I am talking about ALL the kingdoms of nature under the absolute control of Mother Nature because they are All affected by the pollination of the bee with the natural reaction of the domino affect through the entire food chain.  Mankind has gained access to the moon, taken a trip to mars, and eve dropped on the sun while neglecting the backyard it lives in.   

Consequence is a word that we should strive to understand in that every action has a reaction, good, bad, or indifferent and that Mother Earth lets you do anything that is natural in nature and trust that your judgment is fair and just for the benefit of the world you live in. Unfortunately there are only a handful of US that really care and strive to make a difference in bettering  of humanity.   The Bees Need YOU and YOU Need the Bees.,

The Honey Bee has an extremely interesting family life and its society is one humans could learn a lot from. On this website I intend to introduce you step by Step to the life and world of the honey bee and hope you will make the bees your friends.  I invite you to follow me on Youtube.com as well as all the Social Medias. Please sign up for updates on my e-mail list.  If you have question I invite you to e-mail me at 


If this old lady can help the bees then you can also

We Have the land with woods,  wildlife, fresh air and sunshine without smog or pesticides.  The bees love it but we need your help in researching the reasons they are disappearing. So you could help us help the bees if you would use the links below as your doorways to Amazon.com.  The proceeds go to Spiritgaea Foundation [non-profit 2008] to help Save the Bees to Save Humanity.


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